NFL Schedule Week 1

NFL Week 1, 2017

Drums come in slowly… Guitar builds to a peak… Drums intensify… I’m back! That’s right, we’re back in the saddle again, just like Steven Tyler and Aerosmith — but I think we’ve got a little bit more to be excited about. Summer is finally here, the NFL Draft has come and gone, offseason workouts are in full swing and football is just around the corner and man, does it feel good! I know we all like other sports, but there’s nothing like sound of shoulder pads crashing while the pigskin flies through the air. You just can’t beat it.

Before we tackle the previews of Week 1’s best games, I’ve got some incredible news for you: the NFL has decided to loosen their death-grip on fun and will allow players a lot more leniency while celebrating this year. What a time to be alive! I guess they decided that it’s time to make football great again. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Now, let’s get into the games!