NFL Schedule Week 1

Game To Watch Week 1 : Packers at Saints

The Aaron Rodgers controversy will definitely play a part in this game and make it interesting to watch. Both the Saints and the Packers are coming in with a new quarterback to start the season if Rodgers has his way. The Packers, though, were not expecting the Rodgers issue and now Matt have to rely on Jordan Love to lead an offense that is lacking of big name threats in the wideout position. The Saints, though, were prepared and groomed their future starter in Taysom Hill last year, but also picked up Jamie’s Winston who is looking to make a name for himself and bounce back after getting replaced by Brady. Now, one interesting point is the fact that the Saints do provide Winston more targets and a better line to throw from behind. No matter what, the Packers at Saints games will come in with a lot of questions to answer.